Valiani M3 packaging creator

vacuum table

A powerful vacuum table, combined with the new clamping system, provides incredible working flexibility for a wide range of products to be processed. Equipped with extremely reliable rotary vane vacuum pumps (oil-free and air-cooled) and with a suction chamber divided in 4 sections, it guarantees the maximum precision in clamping of any material and any size.

Proven reliability - after 5 years of customer experience with the Matpro CMC- iX, little, or very low-cost maintenance, is guaranteed.

high resolution camera

Upon request the Mat Pro CMC - iXV can be supplied with a high resolution camera for crop mark detection. By detecting crop marks on printed material, complex contour cutting of shapes can be conducted with individual adjustments being made automatically. A light pointer enables the easy positioning adjustment for a crop mark.

freedom of design, enhanced material and size options

The MatPro CMC-iXV delivers the ability to cope with all varieties of common and emerging materials such as: Matboard, Foamboard, Gateboard, polyester and Polycarbonates, Forex, Self-adhesive vinyls, Corrugated and folding card-board.