Valiani M3 packaging creator


Gto� - i blades are meticulously produced from the finest steel and sharpened to a precisely controlled edge. Blades are inexpensive and will cut from 90 up to 160 average openings depending on the quality of the mat used as well as the mat size. Changing the blade is fast and simple and can be done in 30 seconds or less. Blades can be changed at any time, even during the work cycle, without leaving the program.


Mechanical micro-switches and full cutting table guards provide unmatched operator safety. Gto® - i cutting head is completely automatic. Cut V-grooves and mat boards of varying thickness, and the blade adjusts automatically. The machine can accurately and easily cuts from 0,5 up to 3,5 mm. (8-PLY) mat thickness.

Dual Work Station

Dual Work Station: left and right.

Operating controls are conveniently located on the left and right side of the machine. This allow you to cut from the left side as well as the right side of the machine. This new feature enables you to have maximum productivity with less down time.