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V Studio

V-Studio is now shipping.
We are pleased to announce that our exciting new V-Studio software has been shipping since June. Initially it is only being rolled out in countries where our distributors and support groups have been fully trained in its use.
As it is language specific we are running training sessions for each region and expect to have everyone up to speed by mid September. We thank you for your patience.


What is V-Studio?
V-Studio is the new suite of programs for Valiani machines, developed to optimise the use of all our computerized mat cutters.  An innovative menu allows you to reach specific applications designed to create projects with absolute simplicity. Creating original matboards in quicker times, personalising your boxes and achieving contour cuts from today will be simpler thanks to an ideal design environment, equipped with extraordinary tools.

Why is it different?
Totally configurable via the settings menu, it allows the user the freedom to create a unique configuration, adapting the program to your requirements and not vice versa.
Written using the latest generation of software tools, including the  Microsoft.Net® platform and developed using WPF® (Window Presentation Foundation) technology it guarantees perfect integration with even the latest operating systems and those of the future.

V-Studio puts at your disposal functionality with proven reliability, reviewed to improve effective productivity:
•    “Fill” function
•    Tools for alignment
•    Valiani fonts & monoline fonts
•    Rotate tools
•    Clip Art Import
•    Group function
•    More intuitive layer settings
•    Quick work settings.
•    Compatible with FMD files
•    New Control Panel
•    Independent “Homing”
•    Work preview

With V-Studio we decided to re-evaluate everything and have introduced new functions that will make you look at using your Valiani machine in a totally new way.

•    Innovative Guide Lines
•     “Auto size” function
•    Weld, intersect & trim functions.
•    Zoom
•    Up to a maximum of 9 layers.
•    “Nesting” function to minimise material waste.
•    True Type Fonts
•    Alignment of fans, circles & eliptical shapes
•    Vector file management
•    Pool function for sequencing work
•    Available in mm, cm & inches (including decimal fractions)
•    Template library
•    Mirror function
•    Customisable Standard Measurements
•    Saving or returning to recovery point
•    Align to guide lines, edges, central lines & other shapes.
•    Select objects “Combo” mode
•    Ruler
•    Easy to create opening array.
•    Full support for drag & drop
•    Working interface completely independent of the drawing programme

Which applications make V-Studio so special?
Create – Discover new ways to create mat boards with full creational freedom and with the maximum of ease, utilizing avant-garde tools. Work quickly and intuitively thanks to an approach coherent with the user interface in all it’s components.
Easy Box – Increase your productivity, using the exceptional functionality of the new application for editing packaging. Utilise the new, purposely developed, functionality to improve integration with the M3 application and increase its’ productivity.

Media – Reach new levels with the functionality to perform contour cut shapes. Use the crop mark detection function to accurately cut preprinted designs.
Smart Cut – Use the most common vector graphic programs to transfer your projects to Valiani machines.

What has improved?
Design and create content for various types of work in a complete creative ambience, with an attractive look and with all the tools that you had always wished for.
Thanks to a pleasing layout, clean and harmonious, the new functionality results in easy access and is rationally positioned to optimize the creative workflow. A large preview, positioned in the centre of the screen, allows a clearer visualisation of what will be the final project.

Technical specifications:

Minumum requirements -
1280 x 768 resolution (with small characters and Windows tool bar hidden)
2 Gb of hard drive space available.   
Intel Pentium Dual Core 1,6 Ghz processor
2 Gb Ram
Windows XP SP2 or later Windows versions.